Nov 08, 2012

Community to voice opinion on core service review

PRINCE GEORGE—Prince George residents will have an opportunity to speak about the final core services review, which was released to the public last Friday (Nov.2), this upcoming Tuesday. “Community Conversation” will begin at 6 pm at the College of New Caledonia and will offer a venue for the public to tell Mayor and Council what they think of the $350,000 core service review.

CUPE 1048 president Janet Bigelow says that this community-organized event is a chance for residents to speak about KPMG’s final recommendations.

“So far, public consultation has been managed by KPMG,” notes Bigelow. “We think it is important to have a public discussion about ‘opportunities’ that could really change our community without intervention from people who live outside our community.”

Bigelow says after realizing Council wouldn’t be holding a public input meeting after the final report was delivered several community groups thought it would be beneficial to everyone to organize such a meeting. She says that they thought Mayor and Council would be glad to have the opportunity to hear from residents. 

“We didn’t expect to have this time of push back from Council,” notes Bigelow. “We’re pleased that some of our Councillors are willing to attend and to listen to the concerns and suggestions of residents.”

“We still hope that Mayor and Council will decide to come out Tuesday evening and hear what their community has to say. This event isn’t meant to be an attack on council; it’s meant to be a chance for residents to voice their opinion on their community before elected officials make some tough decisions.  We look forward to hearing many different viewpoints about the suggestions provided in the core services review.”

Community Conversation will be taking place Nov.13 at CNC beginning at 6 pm. Each speaker will have two minutes to speak and give their reaction or opinions about the Core Service Review.

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