Jan 16, 2013

Community Social Services to resume strike action at end of January

Actions will highlight the scope and diversity of sector services

VANCOUVER - The Community Social Services Bargaining Association is planning a strategic escalation of job action beginning later in January that will highlight the diversity and scope of CSS services.

Examples include community living services, women’s services, aboriginal services, family services, youth services, and more.

The actions will back CSSBA’s overarching demand that government commit to improved funding for community-based social services programs and a fair and reasonable wage increase for the workers who provide them.

Job action will continue to balance the needs of vulnerable clients with high essential services levels.

Vulnerable families are last on the BC’s government list of priorities, says CSSBA, a message that is certain to gain more attention as the province moves closer to an election in May.

Workers will be contacted directly if their agency or workplace is a target for job action. Members are reminded not to take job action unless directed to do so by your union.

“We trust that we will reach a fair and reasonable deal in 2013,” says the multi-union bargaining association. “There has been some forward bargaining momentum in other sectors, including deals in health facilities, post secondary, and several crown corporations. Roughly half of BC’s public sector has now reached agreements that include wage increases.”

CSS members wrapped up 2012 with the largest job actions undertaken since rotating strikes began on October 16. More than 20 agencies on Vancouver Island were on strike the week of December 10, generating significant media coverage, including radio, television and print.

Bargaining has not yet resumed for Community Social Services, and there are currently no plans to return to the table.

An interactive timeline of the community social services job action to date is now available online here.

Check it out!

Members can print the strike leaflet here.  Please share this leaflet widely!

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The Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA) is the multi-union bargaining committee for BC's unionized community social service workers. The CSSBA includes ten unions with a combined membership of about 15,000. The BCGEU is the largest union in the sector followed by CUPE, HEU, and HSA. Other unions include the UFCW, CSWU, USW, SEIU and CLAC.



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