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Skilled Trades Working Group

The purpose of the Working Group is to raise the profile and awareness of the working trades in British Columbia. The group coordinates with the efforts of the BC Federation of Labour Apprenticeship and Skills Training Working Group. 

The working group will address issues arising from the deregulation and de-skilling of trades, as well as apprenticeship barriers.

In addition we look at the impacts of trade agreements such as the Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility Agreement(TILMA),  the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, (CETA). 


  • Tracking of Trade positions in CUPE locals to identify increases and decreasing in compliment.
  • Indentify examples where there has been success’s of bringing work back in- house.
  • Development of Contract language that promotes apprenticeships.
  • Address wage disparity using CUPE sector and private sector as comparators.
  • Promote Trades Partnership Agreements to address contracting out and barriers in apprenticeships
  • Regain trades that were formally Red Sealed.
  • Strengthen Red Seal recognition.
  • Promote ways of removing barriers that women and other equity seeking groups face in skilled work opportunities.
  • Promote repatriatizing construction work compared to maintenance only.
  • To identify and promote trade issues with CUPE BC Locals.

Members of the Working Group:

Ian Norton, Chair. Local 394
Campbell, Gary - Local 399
Cappelletti, Craig - Local 498
Dave Dionne - Local 7000
Fennell, Randall - Local 728
Frost, Richard - Local 1851
Laluk, Dale - Local 3799
Logan, Mike - Local 2081
Mercer, Kirk - Local 951
Tom O'Leary, Staff Advisor