Jun 12, 2012

CoDev annual fundraiser drives home importance of International Solidarity

VANCOUVER - The annual CoDevelopment Canada fundraiser was a festive event that underscored the importance of international solidarity and the challenges facing non-profits right now.

CUPE is a proud supporter of CoDev’s work, and even prouder to represent their workers. Doug Sprenger, Chair of CUPE BC’s International Solidarity Committee, had this to say about the event: “Members of the CUPE BC International Solidarity Committee made valuable connections at the event and will take back to their councils and locals the need to connect with all CUPE members that global issues are impacting at a local level more than ever and we all need to speak out against funding cuts by the Harper Government.”

A major focus of their work is on building connections between workers in Canada and Latin America. Apparently, solidarity isn’t high on the list of the Conservative Government’s funding priorities.

Like many charities, CoDev is feeling the pressure that all organizations are feeling to be less outspoken or critical of Canadian government policies. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has historically been a major sponsor of the work CoDev does overseas. However, current federal policies prioritize corporate partners over charities. This emphasis on economic development without the important social justice framework used by organizations like CoDev will only weaken civil society in Latin America.

CoDevelopment Canada is a B.C. based NGO that works for social change and global education in the Americas.  CoDev builds partnerships between like-minded organizations in Canada and Latin America to foster learning, social change, and community empowerment. 

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