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Sewage Treatment Public Works!

The Capital Regional District in Greater Victoria is once again engaged in planning for
new sewage treatment. CUPE is working to ensure that public control and operation of any new sewage treatment is a priority issues for local communities and politicians. Public control of water and wastewater makes sense. In the CRD, public sewage treatment offers more transparency and accountability, better environmental protection, support for the local procurement and jobs, and public is more affordable.

We know that residents of the Core area are supportive of public sewage treatment. Every time public opinion has been tested on this, it is clear that whatever new plans are developed, residents do not want privatized treatment. They want public control and operation of sewage treatment.


The CRD has committed to amending the liquid waste management plan and having a new solution for sewage treatment by March 2016 to meet federal funding requirements. The current timeline can be found here. With a tight timeframe and a good deal of public involvement, it is important that CUPE members and allies ensure that our voice for keeping sewage treatment public is heard at sewage-related meetings and events.  If you are interested in working with us on the campaign, please email [email protected]

For up to date information on the February 2016 public consultation schedule please check here:

August 2015 Campaign Update


Documents from the 2006 Sewage Treatment Provincial Government Directive

Tyee Article by Andrew MacLeod

B.C. Government July Sewage Treatment announcement

B.C. Government Sewage P3 announcement

B.C. Government letter to CRD - July 2006