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What can you do?

Join the campaign in your community!

Contact your shop steward and ask how you can get involved.

Or get in touch with your local president and let them know what you'd be willing to do.

You can:

  • Lobby your MLA or local politician
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
  • Sign a petition
  • Participate in a rally or information picket
  • Help distribute information to co-workers
  • Phone other members at home after work
  • Go to a union meeting
  • Attend a community meeting on service cuts
  • Help plan other actions
  • Work to build coalition with other community groups

Talk to your family, friends and neighbours about the cuts to public services and how your family or community will be affected. Let them know what you know. It's important that everyone understand what we're losing.

Email your MLA

Tell your MLA what you think about how the cuts to public services are affecting you, your family, your neighbours, your community.

Click here to tell your MLA what you think.


A personal meeting can sway a politician in ways other methods can't.

Call or write your MLA's constituency office and request a meeting. You can do that as an individual, with your fellow union members, or as a member of another community organization.

This helps tell the MLA that many people are concerned about the government's intentions. It's a signal to the MLA that they might not get re-elected if they don't listen to what people think of the Liberal agenda.

Local governments are affected by these cuts too. Get in touch with mayors and councils, school trustees and parks boards. Ask them what they are doing to protect the health, safety and strength of our communities.

And don't forget, many of these people will again be up for election sooner than later.

Talk to local members of your chamber of commerce. Small business relies on working people in our communities.

You have a lot of power. As one voice. As a group. As a community. Make it heard.