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Reports & Research

Current reports and research

What Provincial Auditors have said about P3s, April 2015


Historic Reports & Research 2006 - 2011

Canadian Dimension article on Water Privatization

Dr. Mildred Warner of Cornell University: Water privatization does not save money

SOEC Privatization Report - November 2010

SOEC Summary -  November 2010

Quebec Auditor General's review of hospital P3s - 2010

Why keeping it public protects the environment - May 2010

Why privatization doesn’t work. Useful information and analysis about public-private partnerships - February 2010

How to Make the Public Sector Advantage Disappear – March 2007

CUPE BC briefing note for the BC Auditor General on P3s - January 2010

Economist Marvin Schaffer's critique of Partnerships BC methodology - August 2009

Quebec Auditor General's review of hospital P3s - 2009 (English summary)

Ron Parks/Rosanne Terhart - Evaluation of Public Private Partnerships (Backgrounder)

Ron Parks/Rosanne Terhart - Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships (Full Report)

Backgrounder for four P3 Projects

Brampton Civic Hospital Public-private partnership Project

Public-Private Partnerships in Canada: Theory and EvidenceP3s - No country for old contractors - by John Knappett

The real cost of the Sea-to-Sky P3

Doing the Math - Why P3s for Alberta schools don't add up

Bad Before, Worse Now - The Financial Crisis and the Skyrocketing Costs of Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

The Parks Report was commissioned by CUPE National, CUPE BC and the Hospital Employees' Union. Ron Parks, a forensic accountant, found that the B.C. Auditor General's office should play a more active and direct role in assessing whether taxpayers are getting value for money from government-mandated privatization schemes worth up to $10 billion. Parks report | Parks news release | Parks backgrounder

What is a Public Private Partnership? 

Understanding Privatization


Canadian Taxpayers Federation ignores evidence

Partnerships BC’s P3 methodology ‘seriously flawed’

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