Dec 13, 2021

Bulletin - Last week to fill out your provincial bargaining survey

The deadline to fill out your provincial bargaining survey is quickly approaching. This survey is your chance to have a say on the priorities of your provincial bargaining committee as they prepare for negotiations.

The deadline is DECEMBER 17 – So please CLICK HERE today to fill out your survey TODAY!

It should only take about 15-20 minutes of your time. Your answers will be kept confidential, and they will be invaluable to your bargaining committee. The results will also be shared with your Local to help inform bargaining at your Local table. We want to hear your voice!

Update from the provincial bargaining committee

The provincial bargaining committee includes representatives from all regions of B.C. and helped develop the provincial bargaining survey for members. The committee has also been meeting regularly virtually over the past two months in preparation for bargaining, expected to start in early February 2022.

With the assistance of CUPE’s union education branch, committee members have taken part in bargaining training and strategic planning sessions. With varied levels of bargaining experience, the training sessions helped get all committee members up to speed on what to expect at the provincial bargaining table.

The committee members also contributed to strategic bargaining plan. This process included taking a in depth look at the current state of the province’s K-12 sector including the on-going issues and challenges facing our members and planning out the roles and responsibilities of all committee members to make this round of bargaining a true team effort.

Strategic planning also includes a communications plan focused on providing K-12 members timely updates throughout bargaining process and strengthening communications channels to members across the province (via Locals sending out and posting bargaining bulletins, social media etc.).

The next step for the bargaining committee will be to evaluate the bargaining survey results and begin developing bargaining proposals. This work will begin early in the New Year.

The provincial bargaining committee thanks all K-12 members who have already filled out their surveys and reminds all members to have their voice heard by taking part in this important work.

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