May 27, 2021

Bulletin - B.C. announces vaccine availability to age 12 and launches restart plan

The Government of B.C. announced its four-step plan, guided by data, for a careful and safe restart yesterday. The plan allows for a gradual return to “more normal life” and maintains protocols of wearing masks and physical distancing in the first two steps. Details of the plan and more information can be found here.

K-12 and early learning will continue to operate under existing safety protocols during steps 1 and 2. The COVID-19 steering committee will continue to work with public health officials to update safety guidelines in preparation for the return to classes in the fall.

“This pandemic has highlighted the important role K-12 members play in this sector, including dayshift custodians who provide valuable health and safety services to all students and staff,” said K-12 Presidents Council President Paul Simpson.


Announcements made last week on the safety, availability, and two-dose efficacy (as high as 100%) for ages 12-17 were extremely positive.

An increasing percentage of the general population is getting vaccinated, which is contributing to decreased levels of infection and serious illness or death. Including at least a portion of school-aged youth in the vaccinated population will provide a critical layer of protection to CUPE members in this sector.

The four-step plan will progress through the steps based on number of adults vaccinated, COVID-19 case counts, hospitalizations and deaths, and consideration of clusters and outbreaks.

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