Mar 14, 2017

BC Liberal ‘campaign finance reform’ nothing but hollow pre-election spin

BURNABY—CUPE BC President Paul Faoro today released the following statement:

“For years Premier Christy Clark has personally benefited—to the tune of $300,000—from B.C.’s lax campaign finance laws. Only now, on the eve of a provincial election, and after growing national and international media coverage of the issue is the premier making cosmetic efforts to make it go away.

“After years of defending her BC Liberal Party’s fundraising practices—which the New York Times characterized as the “Wild West”—Christy Clark has promised nothing more than a “panel” (to be appointed after the election) that will make recommendations that won’t be binding on the government. And she’s predetermined at least part of the panel’s outcome before the panel is even appointed. That’s not leadership, that’s cynical spin and I’m confident that voters will see through it.

“For many British Columbians, the choice on May 9 was already clear. When we go to the polls, we will choose between four more years of the same kind of government we’ve had for 16 years, or positive, progressive change. The BC Liberals have made that choice even clearer for voters who want to ban big money from politics: the only choice is John Horgan and the BC NDP.”


COPE 491