May 15, 2014

No movement from employer in White Rock labour dispute

WHITE ROCK – CUPE workers are frustrated and questioning how City negotiators could come back to the bargaining table today unprepared and with no proposals to assist in getting to a settlement.

May 11, 2014

White Rock city workers to begin full strike action

WHITE ROCK – White Rock city workers will begin withdrawing services on Monday, May 12 at all city worksites.

Following rotating job action over the past few weeks and an overtime ban, the union is increasing pressure on the employer to get back to the table ready to address key bargaining issues.

“The union has shown we are prepared to negotiate and find constructive solutions, but the City will not negotiate,” said CUPE 402-01 President Mike Guraliuk. “We don’t take this action lightly, but we feel this is our only option at this point.”

May 7, 2014

White Rock city workers to shut down public works

WHITE ROCK – Following last week’s one-day picket of City Hall and an ongoing overtime ban, White Rock workers in the public works department will be off the job on Thursday, May 8.

The shutdown will affect residential, multifamily and commercial garbage and recycling collection, maintenance of the sewer system, street cleaning, and parks and road maintenance.

May 2, 2014

White Rock city workers rally and strike at City Hall

Left to right: Rob Limongelli, Jeannie Kilby, Mark Hancock, Mike Guraliuk, Lynn Reimer, Richard Beaverstock

WHITE ROCK–White Rock city workers and supporters rallied in front of City Hall to send a strong message to the Mayor and Council on the first-day of job action for CUPE 402-01.

CUPE 402-01 President Mike Guraliuk was joined by CUPE 402 President Jeannie Kilby and CUPE BC President Mark Hancock.

May 1, 2014

Rally to support CUPE 402-01 - White Rock city workers

WHITE ROCK - For the first time in its history with the City of White Rock, CUPE 402-01 is taking job action. After ten months of bargaining, the Employer still refuses to address key issues for its workers: the need for clear hours of work for all employees, fair treatment for casual and part-time employees, and protection for members who become seriously ill.

Join CUPE BC President Mark Hancock and representatives from CUPE 402 and 402-01 at a solidarity rally on the first day of job action.

April 30, 2014

CUPE members help make the District of Mission safer with City Watch

CUPE BC Secretary-Treasurer Paul Faoro with CUPE Local 1267 President Donna-Lee Lakes and member Vic Barron, Coordinator, Mission Crime Prevention Services

MISSION – The District of Mission is the latest partner community in CUPE BC’s City Watch program, which brings CUPE workers together with management and local
police to help make communities safer and more secure.

April 29, 2014

White Rock city workers serve 72-hour strike notice

WHITE ROCK - After ten months of bargaining, for the first time in its history with the City of White Rock, CUPE 402-01 has served 72-hour strike notice and is gearing up for job action.

CUPE 402-01 President Mike Guraliuk said that the union plans limited job action on Friday, May 2, with CUPE workers at White Rock City Hall off the job. This will include services such as Permits and Licensing, Pay Parking, Bylaw Enforcement and Financial Services.

April 2, 2014

Portland Hotel Society staff committed to continuing vital work

VANCOUVER—Portland Hotel Society staffers are committed to continuing the vital work of the society’s many projects, facilities and services in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside despite the recent changes to the PHS’s board of directors and senior management.

That was the clear message delivered to CUPE BC president Mark Hancock and secretary-treasurer Paul Faoro as they toured a number of PHS facilities yesterday. Members of CUPE 1004, PHS staff work at wide range of sites and facilities throughout the DTES.

April 2, 2014

Talks break off, job action likely for White Rock civic workers

WHITE ROCK – After two mediation sessions with little progress, workers in the City of White Rock say that job action now looks likely.

In February, members of CUPE 402-01 voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action if negotiations failed to produce a fair settlement in their current round of bargaining.

CUPE 402-01 President Mike Guraliuk says that it now looks much more likely that members will be exercising that mandate.

March 20, 2014

PHS workers relieved that services are protected, concerned about future

VANCOUVER—CUPE 1004 members who work for the Portland Hotel Society received news that new management will protect services with both relief and concern today.

“CUPE members give a lot of themselves professionally and personally, and feel a deep loyalty and commitment to the PHS and to the work we do. Knowing that the services for our residents and patients will stay in place is important to us. But we feel a huge loss and there is a lot of concern about what the future holds,” said Andrew Ledger, CUPE 1004 representative.