July 8, 2010

Town hall to council: will it be private or public?

STRONG CAMPAIGN - AJ Basaraba, CUPE BC president Barry O'Neill, Anti-contracting out committee member Carolae Donoghue, CUPE 608 president Patti Finch and Carol Sheridan posed after town hall meeting to keep the community centre public.

Mayor urged to stop waffling on community centre’s future

PENTICTON—With the arrival of hot summer weather beckoning local residents outdoors, Wednesday night’s town hall meeting on the future of the municipality’s community centre drew a crow

June 15, 2010

Quebec Auditor General slams Montreal P3 project

Report finds public option $10.4 million less expensive

BURNABY—A recent report by the auditor general of Quebec warning decision-makers to avoid a public-private partnership (P3) option for a major public infrastructure project reinforces previous reports by Ontario and B.C.

March 9, 2010

CRD vulnerable to trade restrictions with sewage P3

BURNABY—If local governments opt for public private partnerships (P3s), something which is under consideration for the Capital Regional District’s new sewage treatment, they are more vulnerable to the restrictions of the Canada-United States Procurement Agreement (CUPA).

A new legal opinion by Steven Shrybman of Sack Goldblatt Mitchell says the CUPA contains temporary rules that will make it difficult for the CRD to achieve environmental protection and local economic development objectives.

January 20, 2010

B.C. Auditor General P3 review is timely

Canadian reports find problems with public-private partnerships

BURNABY—Evidence is mounting that Canadian taxpayers are being sold a bill of goods with privatization.

November 27, 2009

Canadian Taxpayers Federation ignores evidence

In the past few weeks, Maureen Bader of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has appeared twice in the Vancouver Sun calling for more cost-effective delivery of municipal services.

In the first case (Change municipal budgeting, Oct. 19), she called on municipalities to outsource all kinds of so-called "non-core services" to the private sector.

In the second (Property taxes fund municipal high rollers, Nov. 9), she called on the provincial government to step in and prevent "tax-gouging municipalities" from forcing corporations to pay taxes.

November 19, 2009

Partnerships BC’s P3 methodology ‘seriously flawed’

BURNABY— The BC Liberal government has been relying on seriously flawed methodology to choose public-private partnerships (P3s) over traditional financing and procurement for major capital projects, a renowned economist says in a damning review of the government’s case for P3s released today.

In August of this year, Partnerships BC—the government agency set up to promote P3s—posted on its website a document titled “Draft Discussion Paper: Methodology for Quantitative Procurement Options Analysis.” Its purpose was to provide an overview of the methodology PBC uses on behalf of its cl

May 7, 2009

Tougher terms seen for infrastructure P3 deals

Reuters News reports that a spokesperson for Fitch Ratings Agency has said U.S. state and local governments eyeing public-private partnerships, or "P3s," for infrastructure will demand tougher terms from investors amid rising concern about the tie-ups.

May 6, 2009

No privatization for Orofino prison

Idaho has turned down the idea of privatizing a jail in the community of Orofino. The Idaho Department of Corrections said in a press release they had “identified several key services provided at the Orofino prison that would need to remain under state operation reducing potential cost savings of private operation.”

May 1, 2009

Legislature deal will keep Baker hospital public

Despite a big money campaign from a company that wanted a hospital privatized, the Florida legislature has voted to keep Northeast Florida State Hospital public. Senate Majority Whip Charlie Dean, an Inverness Republican who represents Baker County, called the development “wonderful.” From the Jacksonville News read more

May 1, 2009

Alberta decides against P3 for new high schools

Alberta, now Canada’s leading cheerleader for privatized schools, has decided P3 high schools are not such a good idea. There are currently 18 P3 schools under construction and more planned, but an Alberta Education spokesperson Tim Chamberlin said, with financial institutions keeping a tighter rein on credit than before, experts in the construction and finance industries “indicated smaller bundles would be needed to attract sufficient number of bids…And to some degree, proponents would have trouble obtaining financing for a full 14-school P3 bundle."