August 15, 2011

Tentative agreement

Strike averted as deal improves job security and fair work practices

VANCOUVER—A tentative agreement has been reached for British Columbia’s 15,000 community-based social service workers, thereby averting a strike. Talks went into the weekend to avert looming job action. 

Key bargaining demands were met, as the tentative agreement improves job security and fair work practices for workers, such as bumping, job selection language and bullying.

August 12, 2011

Final bargaining push

VANCOUVER—Last ditch community social services bargaining talks resumed August 9, and lasted through the week. Talks are set to continue on Monday.

Your bargaining committee has been clear that any agreement must focus on your
key demands – namely job security, fair work practices, and dealing with the
continuing bleeding of jobs and decimation of services in the sector.

On May 30, you gave your bargaining committee an 82-per-cent strike mandate,
which expires on August 30. Any agreement must be reached before that date.

August 10, 2011

Still at the table—but ready for job action

BURNABY—B.C.’s community social services workers have moved closer to job action this week, with essential service levels now complete and an agreement reached on Tuesday regarding the outstanding issue of regional strike headquarters.

July 8, 2011

Deadline extended for setting CSS Essential Services levels

Completion date bumped to July 30

BURNABY —The BC Labour Relations Board (LRB) has extended the July 22 deadline for determining all essential services levels for Community Social Service workers in B.C. The new deadline is July 30.

Community Social Services workers are prevented from taking strike action until all essential service levels have been set at every worksite across the province.

June 23, 2011

Community Social Services - Steady progress to job action

Essential service levels to be set by July 22

BURNABY—We are making steady progress in moving towards job action following the May 30 strike vote. 

Community Social Service workers are prevented from taking strike action until essential service levels have been set at every worksite across the province. For several months, your unions have been working to negotiate those essential service levels, and employers have stalled and delayed.

June 15, 2011

Rally for social services

Workers call for action on community care crisis

VANCOUVER – Community social services workers will take to the streets tomorrow morning to press their employers and the provincial government for a fair collective agreement. Contract talks broke off March 30.

Representatives of the more than 15,000 community social service workers in 220 agencies across B.C. and their supporters will rally outside the offices of the Community Social Services Employers’ Association at 8 am. CUPE represents 2,500 workers in B.C.'s Community Social Services sector.

May 30, 2011

Community social service workers return strong strike mandate

Unions call on province and employers to protect community jobs and services

BURNABY—Frontline community social service workers across British Columbia have given their bargaining committee a strike mandate of 85 per cent in Community Living and 77 per cent in General Services.  The vote follows more than 18 months of protracted contract talks that broke down on March 30.

“This strike vote comes at a time of deepening crisis in community social services,” says bargaining committee member Michael Lanier.  “We are seeing group h

May 18, 2011

Community Social Services strike votes adding up

BURNABY — CUPE’s community social services workers have completed their strike votes and added them to the CSS Bargaining Association sector-wide vote.

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association Negotiating Committee is scheduled to meet to tabulate the votes on May 27-28. The committee will also be discussing strike actions, campaigns and member involvement. The committee expects to notify the Labour Relations Board (LRB) of the results of the strike vote on Monday, May 30. 

Meanwhile, the Unions continue working on setting essential services levels.

April 18, 2011

Community social services workers ‘owed so much more’

VANCOUVER — CUPE National President Paul Moist was just in Vancouver to speak at the CUPE BC annual convention. He has a strong message for community social services workers and for the employers’ association:

 “Community social service workers provide support and frontline services that maintain our social safety net. They are the people who are in daily and direct contact with children, people living with disabilities, the homeless, those with addictions, new Canadians, families in crisis, women experiencing abuse and others facing traumatic situations.

April 6, 2011

Strike votes begin for CUPE’s community social services

BURNABY— CUPE members in the community social services sector will begin taking strike votes throughout B.C. tomorrow (April 7), a process made inevitable by the last proposal tabled by the Community Social Services Employers Association on March 30.

All nine member unions in the Community Social Services Bargaining Association walked away from the bargaining table last week when CSSEA proposed concessions on bumping and promotions/transfers and failed to include real employment security.