Jun 07, 2016

Air Transat flight attendants get a tentative agreement

MONTREAL—Yesterday the Air Transat flight attendants’ union reached a tentative agreement with the employer to renew the collective agreement of its approximately 1,750 members.

In the coming weeks the agreement will be presented to the members during a round of general assemblies and submitted to their vote. The Air Transat Component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents the flight attendants, will not comment on the contents of the agreement until the consultation process is completed.

The flight attendants’ last contract expired on October 31, 2015. The negotiating process had begun in September. By March, with negotiations deadlocked, the union requested the assistance of a federal conciliator. Yesterday’s agreement came out of that conciliation process.

“We would not have reached this tentative agreement without our members’ wave of support. We look forward to visiting them at each of our local bases to thank them in person and provide them with the details of a tentative agreement with many improvements and fair compensation for our continued cooperation towards mutual prosperity,” said Martyn Smith, president of CUPE’s Air Transat Component.

Air Transat cabin personnel come under CUPE locals 4041 in Montreal, 4047 in Toronto and 4078 in Vancouver. These local unions are part of a national structure, the Air Transat Component of CUPE.

CUPE’s airline division represents approximately 10,000 members in seven airlines: Air Canada (including the low-cost carrier rouge), Air Transat, Sunwing, Cathay Pacific, Calm Air, First Air and Canadian North.

—CUPE National

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